The war is on!

1000509261001_2051017820001_Bio-Biography-Katy-Perry-SFEven though Katy Perry and Taylor Swift were good friends back in 2008, their friendship was over in 2012 and the feud is now heating up! They have indeed become sworn enemies.

It was all fine, and the conflict went unnoticed. That is, until Taylor mentioned it in her Rolling Stone interview in August of the previous year. What further provoked the estrangement was the music video that Taylor made for her new song Bad Blood according to AceShowbiz.

In the video Selena Gomez’s character is throwing Taylor Swift to her death. It is obvious, even to the uninformed that Selena’s character is based on Katy Perry. Even the wig that Selena was wearing was very much alike to the hairstyle that Katy Perry had at the time.

The issue was initiated because of Taylor’s backup dancers. Originally with Katy Perry’s troupe, the dancers also served as backup for Taylor Swifts’ group. When Katy asked them to join her in her Prismatic World Tour, they were happy to do so. According to them, they weren’t really dancing on Taylor’s tour, and they were also getting bored. Given that they knew Katy for more than two years, they agreed and went on tour with her.

It was expected that Katy will have a comment or make a comeback to the aforementioned Bad Blood video, but she turned the other cheek and maintained her dignity by keeping quiet about it. Nevertheless, the rumours started that Katy is planning to make a song titled 1984 that would show Taylor’s bad side. However, the rumour was quickly hushed by Katy’s manager, claiming that no such song exists or is in the works.

We all know Katy to be eccentric and that she loves to wear elaborate costumes on enormous sets. Everyone still talks about her Super Bowl performance, but it might be that this is not her idea.

Steve Garrigan, the singer of Kodaline suggested that the Katy got the idea from them. In another interview, the singer mentioned jokingly that they were contemplating the idea of using dancing sharks in their performance, which Katy used in her performance.

However, Katy is not one to care about politics and drama, but rather focuses on her career. Her recent campaign with Moschino got her to become the new face of the brand, and the star of their Fall/Winter collection for 2015 by Jeremy Scott.

The campaign photos show Katy in a short black crop she was also wearing at the Met Gala. She got the fans excited about the campaign, promising them something new and great that she wanted to share with them, then she revealed the photos of the Moschino campaign.1410264963_katy-perry-taylor-swift-article

As if that wasn’t enough, Katy has also recently become an investor for Core Hydration, According to Katy, water is of great importance to her, which is why she signed up with the company. The first class package, great taste and the right amount of pH that helps her stay hydrated and healthy were reasons enough for her to invest in Core.

And what about Taylor Swift? We’ll let Katy tell us when she feels the time is right.