Teeth whitening

The thing is that a lot of people are paying for whiter and brighter teeth. However, you want to know if teeth’s whitening is it safe and does it work? We will try to explain in this article everything you should know about whitening. This article has been carefully prepared by the leading cosmetic dentist in rancho cucamonga and includes information on the best teeth whitening practices.

So, what it would be teeth whitening?

In order to make your teeth lighter, teeth whitening engage bleaching your teeth. Keep in mind that teeth whitening cannot make your teeth sparkling white, but it can lighten the color by a few shades.

downloadWho can do teeth whitening?

It should be performed only by a cosmetic dentist or another regulated dental professional on the prescription of a dentist (such as a dental therapist or a dental hygienist) because teeth whitening is a form of dentistry.

Also, some beauty salons provide teeth whitening, but if there is no dental professional in attendance it is illegal, and it can put at risk your oral health.
You could buy home teeth whitening kits but bear in mind that these could carry some risks as well.

So, what happens throughout teeth whitening at the dentist?

You will need to make a few visits to the dental surgery over a few months if you have teeth whitening.

In order to make a mouth guard, the dentist will take an impression of your teeth and he will instruct you how to use it with a bleaching gel. After that, you will use your mouth guard at home, and you will regularly apply the gel for a particular period of time over 2 to 4 weeks. For up to 8 hours at a time some whitening gels can be left on, which shortens the treatment period to 1 week.

Dentist can provide is called laser whitening and that is another type of teeth whitening system, which is also known as power whitening. In order to activate the whitening this is where a bleaching product is painted onto your teeth and then a laser or light is shone on them. It takes about an hour for laser whitening.

You want to know if any dentist can whiten your teeth?

It can. But it should be provided they are registered with the General Dental Council. Also, registered dental hygienists and dental therapists can perform teeth whitening on the instruction of a dentist.

What about beauty salons and home kits for teeth whitening?

For teeth whitening you should go only to a registered dental professional because whitening by people who aren’t qualified is illegal – in beauty salons for example. Keep in mind that home kits carry risks.

What are the risks of salon teeth and home kits whitening?images

Some home kits do not have sufficient of the whitening product in order to be effective. Usually, the mouth guard provided may not fit properly if a dental professional is not doing the whitening, so some of the bleaching gel can leak out into your mouth and onto your gums, causing sensitivity and blistering.

You should know that where teeth whitening are carried out in beauty salons by staff without dental qualifications or any training it is illegal and carries a risk to your oral health. Remember that!

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