Part 2: Best Tips For Packing On Muscle

In this article we will give you a very useful tips how to gain weight and put on muscle. You can’t build any muscles if you are skinny guy. First you need to put on some weight. On the other hand if you are overweight, the good thing is that you can burn your fat into the muscles. In both these ways you need to train hard and give your best. A lot of people said that they have tried their best and that nothing worked. That is the biggest lie of all and you need to stop lying to yourself. Maybe you have tried a couple of things, but you haven’t tried the right things yet. Now I will share a few tips with you which can be very useful.

You need to train under one hour. First thing – choose whatever program you want, but don’t do it more than one hour of duration. You need to be sure that you are focusing on keeping the intensity high instead of making the workout drag on. There are many researches which have shown on how bad things happen in your hormonal state after training hard for more than an hour. You need to work harder – when you are gaining weight – instead of longer. So, work harder – not longer! Simple as that!

You need to make eating habit. If you are trying to gain some weight or to put on muscle it is very important to make your meals a habit instead of an afterthought. With your genetic disposition – your body is pre-programmed. This means that you need to have fast metabolism in order to digest and burns calories quickly. Instead of having a three meals per day (which can be high in calories, your body is going to burn those calories very quickly) – you need to eat every three hours, so that your body is constantly provided with something to build muscle and to metabolize.

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Just take it easy. If you are a skinny guy you need to stop moving around so much. This means, you don’t need to do cardio exercises, you need to focus on weight lifting. As we already said, not too much – one hour is enough – and give your best. Train harder, not longer. If you are trying to lose some weight you need to do cardio almost every day for thirty minutes.

You need to focus on progression. You need to make sure that you are working hard and that you are progressing at a workout. It is very simple, but really, a lot of people screw this up. The biggest mistake they do is that they put in more and more volume until their workouts are around two hours. This can be good later on, but if you are beginning you need to focus that you are progressing in the number of repetitions or increase in weight lifted with your main program. You need to push yourself to the limits. You can also turn your hand to legal steroids as alternative to using illegal steroids. This comprehensive crazy bulk review will detail a clear picture into the benefits of each product.

You need to change repetitions every 3 to 4 weeks. Unless you are making a great progress with yourself like nobody else, do your routine – but is f you are not – you should change repetitions every 3 to 4 weeks in order to avoid plateaus. By changing the repetitions you will make your

body adept to the new stress causing you to gain weight in the form of muscle. Instead of adding more sets this is much better tactic.