Top high school baseball teams

downloadBaseball is an American sport, there is no question about it, and therefore it shouldn’t really be that surprising that this sport is something more than just a sport in the States. The kids play this sport even before the high school, but exactly at that time, the children start getting old enough to start playing some serious ball and start visiting uniform store. And that is exactly why there are so many great high school baseball teams out there. So, lets see what are those teams that the experts believe to be the best ones that play this game in high school sports uniforms.

According to these experts, the very best of these high school baseball teams is the team of Huntington Beach. This California based team used to occupy the 11th place, but now they are on number 1, and they plan to stay there for a while.

The second place on this list is occupied by a team that used to be the first one not so long ago. This is the team of Parkview of Lilburn, from the State of Georgia. They are being closely followed by the Oxford HS team of Oxford, Mississippi, who are at third place now, and they rose up from the 6th place there.

The fourth team on this list of the top high school baseball teams is the Barbe team from lake Charles, Louisiana. This team is firmly occupying this place, since they have been on it for some time now. They are being followed by the team of Coppell, named after their town in the State of Texas.

Sixth place is currently being occupied by JSerra from San Juan Capistrano, from the State of California. This team has seen an amazing climb up this ladder. Not so long ago, they were on the 40th place, and just today, they are on the 6th.

imagesNow we come to the 7th position, which is occupied by a team that has fallen from the 2nd position. This team is called Buford, from the Town of Buford, Georgia. They are followed by the Archbishop McCarthy from Southwest Ranches, Florida. They were on the 7th place recently, and they fell down to the eight.

The number 9 has seen a great rise from the 49th place. The team of Flower Mound from the Great State of Texas occupies this place. And the final place on this list is being occupied by Douglas from Parkland, Florida.

Those are the top 10 high school baseball teams, and when you realize that these teams are playing in a country that plays some of the best baseball in the world, you can get a close idea of how good a baseball these kids play. These teams will be the seeding ground of the future baseball stars, and that is why we ought to keep a closer eye on them. In some time, we’ll be seeing them on big screens and big arenas, and we will be glad to say that we were the ones that have noticed them while they were still in high school.